.. and while they all come from a big pool of pictures, i guess we can see 3 big groups


i DRAW PICTURES .. all kinds of style for all kinds of purposes and preferences .. . Please have a look around on my website and see for yourself.  Everything is somewhat organised into categories but often work can go cross-category.  

I  am passionate about caricatures.  I can do them from pictures as well as live in front of an audience .. The first ones can be wonderful gifts for loved ones .. or just for yourself !  They can be made into invitations or seasonal greetings.  How about caricatures for the workplace?  a nice big group caricture for the wall or for presenting the team in the webpage like some of my clients did.  I can draw those caricatures live too ! that means in front of an audience and typically at parties and events where i am hired by the hour to draw and hand out pictures to the guests .. it adds extra entertainment to the event as people can get drawn and or stand close to see it all happen.

Check out the live cartooning too ! This is where i make quick cartoony sketches of matters analysed and business brainstorm sessions.. the drawings can typically quickly explain the what was concluded and can be taken for internal use.  But i could also be sketicing at more 'open events' where the public adds to what is being sketched 

And then thre are the illustrations.   Cartoony, or very 'serious' and realistic depending on what they will be used for and what your preferences are. 

If you are looking for a (new) logo then i can do that too ! should you and your business be open to a cartoony or caricature mascotte then that is perfectly within possibilities. 

And last but certainly not least are the workshops because i love to share/forward the joy of drawing! Just to spend a few hours in a creative buzz, With people eager to learn somethign but also wanting to have a nice time in a causal setting.  Want to try your hands on some basic drawing, cartooning or drawing caricatures maybe? i can make a program or i can work with a theme too should you have thought of one

I invite you to see some expamples and if you think i can be the artist for your next project of if you first want some questions answered then please don't hesitate to contact me


About me

My name is Liesbeth Beckers, and i am a 'drawer' .... have been all my life, professionally since 91', when i graduated as a graphic designer.  Wandered into animation (2D-2,5D and 3D) for quite a while, then gravitated toward caricature and illustration.. and in 2001 i started my own business doing mostly that : caricatures and illustrations all kind; live or in my studio.  I attended many professional caricature conventions all around the world, made many friends, learned HEAPS and brought home some awards for my art.  I have worked a few summers at the biggest theme parc in the UK as a caricature artist and LOVED it

I basically love what i do ; making pictures and caricatures for clients in Belgium as well as abroad where i also regularly  go to draw at events.  In my studio i fully commit to the illustrations/caricatures to be drawn.

Somehow i keep fitting in time for teaching and workshops too ..sharing and paying it forward and all that .. (and enjoying doing it myself at the same time)

Other things about me ? Love travelling, animals.. have been a vegetarian for MANY years now, spiritual, open minded.. and never done learning

I love what i do for a living !!