So this is where i would draw from pictures. You'd mail me your pictures and those will be my reference .. If you'd like to have bits of hobby /profession or such added then i'd need description/pictures of those too.  I will then draw a nice picture and have a nice print made for you to collect. Should you live to far then i could send you the print by special mail.
Other option is you get the digital file instead of the print and you can go and have your own prints made on paper, Tshirt, mug or whatever


With live caricatures it works different. This is considered entertainment in itself.  Typically i would be hired to be at family, public  or professional events and parties to draw caricatures on the spot.  I will draw people, which will take about 5 minutes or so and while i do that, other people can look on and enjoy the ambiance of the picture being made.  The actual pictures will handed to the 'model' as a nice souvenir to the event.

I draw on paper, on ipad or on beer coasters which are becoming very popular .. your choice

* see also  LIVE CARTOONING   where i draw quick cartoony sketches to visualise ideas or events on location.  This type of working is used for example at company brainstorm sessions.  

STUDIO CARICATURE  (caricatures from photos) 

Here are some of the results of caricatures made from pictures.  They can be head and shoulders only or have little bodies and/or aspects of profession, hobby etc added.  

Colour or B&W.. one or multiple people and even pets can be included with likeness.

These caricatures can be perfect as gifts for every ocassion for colleagues, family or friends .. or for yourself.

These caricatures have ended up on living room walls as well as offices, on company web pages and invitations of seasonal greeting cards.  They can be mascottes or part of a logo and are always intended to bring on a nice smile

Ask about conditions and tariffs on the  CONTACT PAGE 


 I have been doing them since 2003 and i still love them every time, so you will still see me happily smiling and chatting with guests in Dutch, English, French or German while drawing. 
Please see some examples of the work i do live  on paper | On ipad | on beer coasters

i am located in Belgium (Hasselt) and am -of course- prepared to travel for gigs.  Even assignments abroad don't shy me away.  I speak Dutch | English | French | German and caricature .. 

Ask me freely about conditions, availability and tariffs on the  CONTACT PAGE